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Paid to Click

Click on ads and get paid up to 100 satoshi. You will also earn 10% from your referral's clicks. Advertise your site and get a return of 110% after your campaign is completed. On top of that you will also get experience, 1 experience for every advertising credit spent.

Virtual Mining

We currently have 2 mining pools. The BitCoinFun Pool, the hourly reward of this pool increases everytime someone buys miner, by 1% from the miner value. The Faucet Pool, the hourly reward of this pool increases everytime someone make faucet clame, by 1.25 sat from each claim. The BitCoinFun Pool resets back to 250 satoshi every 1st of the month, The Faucet Pool resets back to 0 satoshi every hour. The amount you can earn from both pools is based on your mining power and energy. Make sure your energy is always on 100 to be able to earn maximum from this pool. You can manually refil energy by exchangin credits for it or you can set it to autorefill, the cost is 4 credits for 1 energy.


Claim satoshi every 10 minutes from our faucet. The faucet is based on levels, the higher your level the more satoshi you will receive from the claims. To level faste you need to claim more often, each claim gives 1 experience point which prings you closer to the next level. Level 1 can get 5 - 10 satoshi per claim, level 2 gets 10 - 15, level 3 gets 15 - 20 and so on. There is no level limit but each level requires more experience than the previous level. You also earn 10% from your referral\'s claims.

Latest News

Create your PTC ad and receive 110% return when your advertising campaign ends.

Withdraw requests made before this withdraw cycle have been processed. Next withdraws will be processed 15th March.

All withdraw requests made by the end of the month(February) will be paid in the next 24 hours.

Coming week BitCoinFun will go thru few changes so if there is some downtime don't be alerted should not be more than 5 minutes at a time. Also since our micro-wallet project, CryptoHub, development is going much faster than expected, we expect to roll-out the first sites that will accept it as a payment processor in the second half of March. Read Bitcoins mit PayPal kaufen review which gives information on how you can buy Bitcoin through Paypal. If you want to run a site like this one or even something else, feel free to contact us via mail or live support.

Auto Faucet added, another way to earn more.

Small change made in credits to satoshi exchange rate, now 1 credit = 0.25 satoshi.

Added Referral and Faucet Claims monthly contests, with 1000000 satoshi total reward each.

BitCoinFun is officially launched. Hope everyone will have fun around. Currently there are not much offers in the offerwalls section but more will be added during the week. Have fun all.